Hotels In Pali

(The Industrial City)

Located in the Marwar region on the banks of the river Bandi, Pali (previously known as Palli and Pallika) was once a trade center in the 12th century. It has been ruled by multiple dynasties, from Chauhans to Rajputs to Arabs with each leaving their footprints behind. Even with such vibrant history, little has changed in Pali in the last centuries, from vegetation cover in ‘Jawai’ to lifestyle in rural areas. Whether you are planning a historical trip or an adventurous one, Pali stands true on every promise it makes. There are a lot of tourist attractions in Pali, some offer a thrilling adventure in forests, and others offer a romantic escapade on hilltops. Located 70 km south east of Jodhpur, it is famous for its textile industries. Some new industries have also been developed like Marble cutting marble finishing etc.


Pali came into existence only in 1949, but archaeologists and various folklores trace this region to pre-historic era. Pali even finds its mention in Vedic age and ancient Hindu holy book ‘Mahabharata’. As for the name, there are many lores & controversies, the most popular of which is to be named after the chief town, Pali, which is a small area of Pallika.


  • Ranakpur Jain Temple –

    This temple has stunning architecture and neighboring scenic beauty. With over 1444 unique marble pillars, each with beautiful carving and design, this Jain temple attracts tourists from all over the world.

  • Sonana Khetlaji Temple –

    Located in Sonana village, this 800 year old temple is dedicated to a folk deity of local caste and communities. The annual 2-day festival organized in March-April is a major attraction in which thousands of devotees participate, some cover 200 kms barefoot while others cover 2500 kms on cycle to receive blessings.

  • Surya Temple –

    Located on the banks of Mavi River amidst Aravalli’s, this medieval temple is a must visit for architecture enthusiasts owing to its polygonal sanctum & halls. This temple is dedicated to the Sun God.

  • Bullet Baba’s Temple –

    This temple is dedicated to a deity in the form of a motorcycle (Royal Enfield Bullet). The history behind the temple is, Om Singh Rathore met with a road accident and died. After the accident, the local police took the motorcycle from there. But, the next day, it was again found at the site of accident. Despite many attempts, the police was unable to remove the motorcycle from the accident site.

  • Ashapura Mata

  • Om Temple

  • Golden Temple

  • Somnath Temple

  • Muchhala Mahavir

  • Ghanerao


  • Ramdeoji Fair-

    It is organized every year, in the month of August-September, at the centuries old temple of the local deity- Ramdeoji,. More than one lakh devotees gather in the fair to pay their homage.

  • Parshuram Mahadev Fair-

    Organized annually in the month of July-August, this fair attracts more than 2 lakhs devotees at the Parshuram Temple, located on the top of the Aravalli Hills in Sadri area.

  • Sewari Cattle Fair-

    The 5-day cattle fair is held once a year in the month of December-January. It is a major center of the local cattle trade and a nice opportunity for tourists to get in touch with the local culture

Also, the rich history & vibrant culture of Pali gives it a lot of festivals & fairs to celebrate throughout the year, each with their own significance and stories to tell. Barkana Parasnath, Badshah ki Sawari, Gangaur Fair, Sheetla Saptami Fair and Peer Dulheshah Fair are the most prominent fairs to explore.


  • Explore the rich wildlife and rural areas nearby.
  • Arrive with your enthusiastic friends and do camping, hiking and trekking in the serene nature.
  • Join Leopard expedition at ‘Jawai Bandh Community Reserve’ (previously known as Bera).
  • People with sweet tooth must give a try to the famous sweet named ‘Gulab Halwa’ made from milk. It is also well known for kulfi and ice cream.
  • For tattoo lovers, try the famous temporary designs made out of Heena (Mehandi), as the region is rich in its production in India.


Pali is located in the desert region and hence, has a very dry climate. The winters (October to February) are quite pleasant during the day and chilly at night with the temperature ranging from 10 to 30 degree Celsius . If you want to capture the scenic beauty, you must visit Pali in the monsoon, with moderate rainfall between July to September. The summers (March to June) are very hot with the average temperature at around 45 degree Celsius.

Don’t Forget:

Sunglasses, Hat, Scarf, Sunscreen Lotion; being very dry and hot and sports shoes for the camel rides and walking. Keep your binoculars handy and a camera with extra memory for the leopard camp.


  • By Air – Jodhpur & Udaipur are the nearest domestic airport at 79.8 kms & 198 kms, respectively. Jaipur (294 kms) is the closest options for international flights. Take train or bus from there to reach Pali.
  • By Rail – Pali Railway Station has good connectivity to major cities like Jaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bangalore, etc.
  • By Road – You can also reach Pali with private or public buses plying from major cities like Jaipur (294 kms), Jodhpur (71.9 kms), Udaipur (185 kms), and Ajmer (163 kms).